"Verbotene Liebe" II 2014

"Verbotene Liebe" II 2014

Verbotene Liebe 2014

Welcome to the Verbotene Liebe Wiki!Edit

This wiki is all about the german daily soap Verbotene Liebe, and everything related to it.


Current projectEdit

Get the pages of characters that are currently present in the story filled with more info, adding a biography section and explaining their latest storyline in it.
Another task is creating pages for old characters that no longer appear in Verbotene Liebe.

Comings and goingsEdit

Actor Character Status
Verena Zimmermann Nico von Lahnstein returning
Marc Barthel Tim Helmke new
Clara Gerst Lara Cornelius (#2) new
Mickey Hardt Jo Helmke new
Till Demtrøder Thomas Wolf leaving
Melanie Kogler Marlene von Lahnstein leaving
Philipp Oehme Thore Hellström leaving
Kim Riedle Giselle Schulz leaving
Katja Sieder Caro Schulz leaving
Susanne Szell Biggi Schuhmann leaving

Current Verbotene Liebe CastEdit

Actor Character Duration
Janina Isabell Batoly Bella Jacob 2012–2015
Till Demtrøder Thomas Wolf 2011–2014
Henrike Fehrs Alexa Berg 2013–2015
Wolfram Grandezka Ansgar von Lahnstein 2004–
Jens Hartwig Tristan von Lahnstein 2009–
Tatjana Kästel Rebecca von Lahnstein (#2) 2012–
Melanie Kogler Marlene von Lahnstein 2011–2014
Christoph Kottenkamp Frank Helmke 2011–2012, 2013–
Miriam Lahnstein Tanja von Lahnstein 1995–1998, 2001, 2004–
Gabriele Metzger Charlie Schneider 1995–
Nicole Mieth Kim von Lahnstein (#2) 2011–
Philipp Oehme Thore Hellström 2013–2014
Sascha Pederiva Sascha Vukovic 2013–
Kim Riedle Giselle Schulz 2014
Dominic Saleh-Zaki Andi Fritzsche 2001–2007, 2009–
Sebastian Schlemmer Sebastian von Lahnstein 2009–
Martina Servatius Elisabeth von Lahnstein 1999–
Katja Sieder Caro Schulz 2013–2014
Susanne Szell Biggi Schuhmann 2013–2014
Jo Weil Oliver Sabel 1999–2002, 2007–2015
Florian Wünsche Emilio Sanchez 2011–

Recurring cast and guest membersEdit

Actor Character
Rosemarie Klein Marie Linse
Melvin-Maximilian Eisenstein Hannes von Lahnstein (#3)
Claus Thull-Emden Butler Justus Stiehl