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Ulrich "Ulli" Prozeski is the son of Walter and Katrin Prozeski as well as the brother of Nikolaus and Jessica

His grandparents are Erna Prozeski and Gerd Prozeski

His aunt is Clarissa von Anstetten

His cousin is Jan Brandner and has a cousin Julia Mendes.

Cousin and cousin 2 degrees are Timo Mendes and Leonie Richter.


Ulli comes to Cologne as a 16-year-old with his family. He is Clarissa's favorite nephew, she even gets him a job as a stable man at Schloss Friedenau. There he meets his first love Bastiane. But the relationship does not last long.

Uli's father and grandmother are killed in a traffic accident. Clarissa falsifies an inheritance, so Nick and UlIi get 250,000 marks. They open the Boutique "Kontur" together. But Nick loses his share through Steffi Sander, so Ulli also sells his share. He falls in love with Milliander, but this relationship is not long-lasting, because Tom soon appears on the scene and admits to having fallen in love with Uli. This is shocked and can not deal with the situation at all. But soon Ulli starts to feel his feelings and finally comes together with Tom. But the relationship is broken and Uli goes to Munich to direct the second branch of the "Schneiders" there.

Ulli wants to buy the restaurant from Charlie, so he returns to Düsseldorf. While in the city, he is allowed to live with his ex-boyfriend Tom in the flat. Ulli and Tom still have feelings for each other, but Tom is now with Oliver. Still, the two spend a secret love night at the hotel before Tom decides for Olli and Ulli returns to Munich again.

Some time later, Tom leaves the city. After his relationship with Oliver failed, he goes to Nepal. When he returns from there after years, Ulli awaits him at the Düsseldorf airport. Glad to have found each other again strolling through the streets of Düsseldorf. Tom wants to continue his life in Germany at Ulli in Munich.