Sebastian von Lahnstein
Biographical information
OriginDüsseldorf, Germany
TitleCount von Lahnstein
Spouse(s)Tanja von Lahnstein
Lydia Brandner
(divorced) [2009-2011]
OccupationMember of the Lahnstein Board
Attorney at law
Current residenceAuckland, New Zealand

Sebastian von Lahnstein is a lawyer and the second eldest son of Ludwig von Lahnstein. He was married to Lydia Brandner before marrying Tanja von Lahnstein, whom he also has a daughter with, Emma von Lahnstein. During his marriage to Lydia, Sebastian also had a one-night-stand with Lydia's mother Katja Brandner, which resulted in a child, Christina Brandner, who was then raised by Lydia's father Matthias Brandner and his new wife Nathalie Brandner. In February 2012 Christina had gotten really sick, and after being disappointed by Tanja for not trusting him, he decided to go visit her daughter in Auckland for a while.


Early LifeEdit

After the death of Sebastian's parents, Adrian Degenhardt took care of him and his siblings. Sebastian was left to look after Helena, Tristan and Rebecca, as his older brother Hagen abandoned the family. Adrian paid for Sebastian's education, who then studied law at Harvard university.

Family treeEdit

Katharina von Lahnstein †
Dietrich von Lahnstein †
Madeleine von Lahnstein †
Ludwig von Lahnstein
Elisabeth von Lahnstein
Johannes von Lahnstein †
Hagen von Lahnstein
Marlene von Lahnstein
Lydia Brandner
Sarah von Lahnstein
Leonard von Lahnstein
Sebastian von Lahnstein
Tanja von Lahnstein
Carla von Lahnstein
Stella Mann
Katja Brandner
Christina Brandner
Emma von Lahnstein
Sophia von Lahnstein
Constantin von Lahnstein
Helena von Lahnstein
Nicola von Lahnstein
Philipp zu Hohenfelden †
Tristan von Lahnstein
Ansgar von Lahnstein
Rebecca von Lahnstein
Nick Brandner
Hannes von Lahnstein
Kim Wolf

Sebastian von Lahnstein
Sebastian Schlemmer
3487 (19.10.2009) - present

Joscha Kiefer
3056 (26.11.2007) - 3484 (13.10.2009)