Philipp zu Hohenfelden †
Biographical information
BirthAugust 1976
DeathSeptember 2011
TitlePrince zu Hohenfelden
Spouse(s)widowed or dissolved Nicola von Lahnstein
(dissolved) [2011]
Current residence

Philipp zu Hohenfelden was a prince married to Nicola von Lahnstein. He was the son of Trutz zu Hohenfelden. His birthday was in the beginning of August. In June, Helena von Lahnstein accidentally ran over Philipp with her car, he had an operation and some time later woke out of the coma. But eventually his state became worse and he fell into the coma again. A little before his birthday his brain released a last burst of activity, after which he was declared brain-dead by the doctors. Nicola finally switched the machines off in the beginning of September.

Family tree[edit | edit source]

Trutz zu Hohenfelden
Nicola von Lahnstein
Philipp zu Hohenfelden †

Philipp zu Hohenfelden
Stephan Käfer
3611 (07.05.2010) - 3919 (08.09.2011)
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