In February 2012, Clarissa von Anstetten, who now owns fifty percent of Ligne Clarisse Lahnstein, brings Rebecca back to town to impress Ludwig on his birthday and stabilize her place in the Lahnstein empire. Rebecca forgives her father and shows her family that she has grown up a lot while being in New York and now knows what she wants. As Clarissa promised her a position at Ligne CL, Rebecca demands that she gets her own fashion line or she would return to New York after all. Tanja isn't happy about Rebecca's return at all. After Tanja blackmails Clarissa of her shares of the company, Rebecca makes it known that she won't answer to Tanja. As Elisabeth is named co-CEO of Ligne CL, Rebecca goes strictly to her.

During mid-2012, Rebecca falls in love with her best friend Marlene von Lahnstein (nee Wolf), who at the time is dating her brother, Tristan. Marlene & Rebecca kissed during spin the bottle and the feelings began to grow inside of Marlene. The two had their relationship broken as a result of Marlene being unable to accept herself as a lesbian even after Marlene & Rebecca make love in a night of pure, unadulterated passion.

Marlene accepts Tristan's marriage proposal, leaving Rebecca heartbroken, Rebecca is chosen to design Marlene's wedding dress and weaves the ideal design after seeing Marlene in said dress in a dream. Rebecca admits to Marlene that she loves her and that will always be the case, before completing the wedding dress. Marlene is so moved by the fact that Rebecca completed the perfect dress that she goes over to thank her on the day before the wedding and the two share a passionate kiss!

On the wedding day, Rebecca is prepared to leave for Los Angeles as her love is still unrequited; however Marlene jilts Tristan at the altar and runs off to find Rebecca. Marlene finds Rebecca in the castle and after taking refuge from the Wolf's in Rebecca's room, finally admits to Rebecca that her love is reciprocated.