Ligne Clarisse Lahnstein
DirectorTanja von Lahnstein
Clarissa von Anstetten
OwnerLahnstein family, 50%
Clarissa von Anstetten, 50%
SeatLCL Offices

Ligne Clarisse Lahnstein (formerly Ligne Clarisse) is a fashion company created by Clarissa von Anstetten, but currently owned by the Lahnstein Enterprises and led by Clarissa's enemy, Tanja von Lahnstein. After Clarissa's presumed death it was inherited by Marie von Anstetten, who is the wife of the deceased son of Christoph von Anstetten, the deceased husband of Clarissa. In 2011, Marie died, and the company was put on sale, and bought by the Lahnstein family.


Their current main project is the Incest campaign. They created a new perfume called Incest, and wanted to use Jan Brandner and Julia Mendes as the faces of the campaign. Since they could not get the rights to use their pictures, they decided to use new models, who ended up being Jessica Stiehl and Oliver Sabel. The campaign was about to be launched in America, but a priest, secretly hired by Clarissa von Anstetten, filed a lawsuit against them. Tanja von Lahnstein decided to try to bribe the judge, and so Ligne Clarisse Lahnstein lost the trial, and were unable to expand onto the American market. They'd already lost a lot of money, and they needed a new line, and a new designer. They found him in Chasseur, actually named Sonja Jäger, a schoolfriend of Sebastian von Lahnstein. With her, Tanja developed a new concept that would save the company, "Mother of Incest", the very look of Clarissa von Anstetten.


After the failed Incest campaign, the company needed money for a new project. Tanja took the money from Ansgar von Lahnstein, and in exchange he hired an additional managing director, which was later revealed to be Clarissa von Anstetten. Soon afterwards, Clarissa and Ludwig von Lahnstein made a deal, with Clarissa helping the Lahnstein family getting rid of Ansgar, and in exchange Ludwig transferred 50% of Ligne Clarisse Lahnstein to Clarissa.


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