The Lahnstein Holding was a company that represented the Lahnstein empire, and had existed for over a hundred years. Tanja von Lahnstein eventually got hold of the majority of the company, which caused the family to create a new company, Lahnstein Enterprises. Eventually, Tanja joined her efforts with the family, and the Lahnstein Holding was merged into the Lahnstein Enterprises.


The downfall of the HoldingEdit

In 2010 the Lahnstein family discovered that they had signed a contract with a bank in Italy that was about to go bankrupt. That caused investors to pull off. Ludwig contemplated on leaving the company and leaving the control to Ansgar von Lahnstein, who had prepared a plan to save the company. But Elisabeth von Lahnstein took the blame on herself and left the company, which calmed the investors down. The company decided to act on Ansgar's plans at which point Ansgar decided to step out as well. Even so, the company had no choice but to sell parts of the company itself. They decided to sell the Lahnstein Bank, and a part of the Lahnstein Real Estate Department. The businessman Arthur Fromme bought the Lahnstein Bank.

As for the Real Estate Department, Ludwig intended to keep 40% of the shares while selling 30% to two people, with that Ludwig would keep the majority and have control over the department. The first buyer was Dominic Gruber, while Tanja von Lahnstein showed interest in buying the remaining 30%. Ludwig refused to include Tanja at first, but she blackmailed him with the fact that else she would take away an overwhelming majority of the buyers through her contacts. Ludwig had to agree. But Tanja also blackmailed Gruber with photos of him and a prostitute. So after Ludwig, Tanja and Gruber signed the contracts, Gruber transferred his 30% to Tanja, giving her the majority of the entire company.