Kim Wolf
Biographical information
BirthSeptember 1993
Current residenceWolf apartment
Düsseldorf, Germany

Kimberly "Kim" von Lahnstein is the extramarital daughter of Viktoria Wolf and Ansgar von Lahnstein, but was raised by Viktoria and her husband Thomas as if she were Thomas' own child. She used to be Tanja von Lahnstein's assistant.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Birth[edit | edit source]

Before Kim was born, her parents were going through a rough time. With their marriage having so many problems, Viktoria had a one-night-stand with Ansgar von Lahnstein, whom she thought she would never see again, and she got pregnant that night. The birth of Kim helped bring Viktoria and Thomas closer together, which might have prevented a divorce. She never told her Kim or husband that Kim isn't Thomas' child because she was afraid it would ruin their marriage.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Because of her father Thomas' job as a forester the family moved around a lot. They stayed in Offenburg quite some time before coming to Düsseldorf.

Meeting her father[edit | edit source]

The family came to Düsseldorf because Kim's older half sister Marlene was marrying Hagen von Lahnstein, Ansgar's cousin. While in Düsseldorf, Kim saw an opportunity for a job, and applied as Tanja von Lahnstein's assistant. She eventually got the job, along with a concurrent, Jessica Stiehl. While spending time at the castle, Kim started liking Ansgar and started seeing him more. For reasons unknown to Kim, her mother strongly opposed her seeing Ansgar so much. Kim often had problems with her family during this time, and one time she decided to run away to scare her parents a little. She asked her friend Rebecca von Lahnstein for a hiding place, and Rebecca brought her to a hut in the forest. That night Ansgar set the forest on fire, not knowing that Kim was living in the forest. While the firemen and other members of the family couldn't, Ansgar got to Kim's hut and brought her out alive but passed out from the smoke. The fire was eventually put out.

Since this incident, Kim liked Ansgar even more. She tried to get closer to Ansgar, who even offered her a job as his assistant, since she lost her job as Tanja's assistant. Eventually the two shared a kiss and were caught by Kim's parents. They threatened to send her to a boarding school, and so Kim ran away. She was missing for quite some time, her parents even thought she might have died because a girl matching her description was found dead, but luckily it wasn't her. After a while she finally returned to Düsseldorf, because she needed money. Eventually she went back to the Wolf apartment to find some money there, but was caught by her family and the decided to stay.

Family tree[edit | edit source]

Dietrich von Lahnstein †
Wilhelmine Baxter †
Francesca von Lahnstein †
Johannes von Lahnstein †
Maria di Balbi †
Stella Mann
Carla von Lahnstein
Ansgar von Lahnstein
Viktoria Wolf
Thomas Wolf
Constantin von Lahnstein
Sophia von Lahnstein
Nick Brandner
Hannes von Lahnstein
Kim Wolf
Dana Wolf
Leonard von Lahnstein
Sarah von Lahnstein
Hagen von Lahnstein
Marlene von Lahnstein
Philipp zu Hohenfelden †
Nicola von Lahnstein

Kim Wolf
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