Episode 2157
Season 1, Episode 2157
Air date February 12, 2004
Written by Nina Koslar
Directed by Volker Schwab
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Episode 2157 aired on Thursday, February 12, 2004 for the premiere. Present main characters: Arno, Elisabeth, Felix, Bernd, Vanessa, Sylvia, Charlie, Alexa, Andi, Robin, Jana, Nico, Carla, Ansgar, Lars and Hanna.

Storyline Edit

Difficult decision Edit

Alexa is hard to accept the fact that leaving town for a dance career. However, Robin decides let her go in a dance tour, allowing Alexa to fulfill her dream. He organizes a farewell party in the beloved's honor, in the circle of friends (Andi, Felix, Vanessa, Jana and Nico). In this case, Felix also surprised Alexa, having presented her with a gift that solves her financial capabilities. In the end, Alexa, bracing myself, saying goodbye to everyone and leaves town.

Uncertain of their feelings Edit

Carla doesn't know what to do next after Hanna's declaration of love. Hanna decides not to make a mistake and with strong tension of waiting to get through to Carla. At the time, Carla became entangled in his relation to Hanna, she strongly shows your love.

New hopes for second chance Edit

Arno's solution facilitates Elisabeth, to believing him and re-checking to Luke's store. Despite the fact that re-inspection is not required, Luke confirms Elisabeth's fears, that cheated on them. She, maintaining composure, says Arno about Luke's deception. He thanked your wife, that she saved him from financial loss. It seems that Elisabeth's hopes for a second chance with Arno starting to bring success.