Episode 1604
Season 1, Episode 1604
Air date October 3, 2001
Written by Christoph Pellander
Directed by Volker Schwab
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Episode 1604 aired on Wednesday, October 3, 2001 for the premiere. Present main characters: Clarissa, Henning, Tanja, Arno, Elisabeth, Beatrice, Marie, Felix, Franziska, Daniel, Christian, Lara, Lukas, Tom, Alexa and Oliver.

Storyline Edit

Enemy isolation Edit

Beatrice and Lukas are trying to survive in a polluted car. Meanwhile, Tanja gets to London, where Marie and Clarissa are stopped. Daniel finds Lukas and Beatrice in the unconscious mind and calls an ambulance. Henning learns from Beatrice about yours and Lukas' danger. Marie accompanies Clarissa to a private jet and immediately thereafter learns from Henning that Tanja ran away from the police. Tanja gets into the way flight attendants for Clarissa in the private jet.

Serious rival Edit

Alexa is jealous of Felix to Janina. Despite the fact that Felix only refers to Janina as a partner, Janina wants to win over Felix. After that, Alexa declares Tom that there will be no more jealous of Felix and will seek their «usual» friendship. However, Janina decides Alexa to upset, telling that Felix gave her the secret about Alexa's failed drop at the practice.

Gone or not? Edit

Lara very offended by Christian due to the fact that he didn't come. She asks Elisabeth what to do with him, but Elisabeth is hiding your disappointment in Christian and refuses her to advise something. When Lara doesn't show your hurt feelings during a telephone conversation with Christian that Elisabeth did not like. Lara is forced to convince her that she didn't want to lose him and resigns himself to the fact that a career is more important for him than she.