Constantin von Lahnstein
Biographical information
BirthNovember/December 1988
OriginDüsseldorf, Germany
TitleCount von Lahnstein
Current residenceMadrid, Spain

Constantin von Lahnstien is a Count von Lahnstein, the legal son of Johannes von Lahnstein and Francesca von Lahnstein, but his biological father is actually Adrian Degenhardt, as Francesca had an affair with him. Johannes knew that Constantin was not his biological son, and sent him to Italy to live with his maternal aunt, Carlotta di Balbi. Constantin eventually returned to Düsseldorf and rejoined the family. He is currently living in Madrid, in Spain.

Family tree[edit | edit source]

Unknown di Balbi
Maria di Balbi †
Johannes von Lahnstein †
Francesca von Lahnstein †
Adrian Degenhardt
Carlotta di Balbi †
Ansgar von Lahnstein
Carla von Lahnstein
Stella Mann
Hannes von Lahnstein
Sophia von Lahnstein
Constantin von Lahnstein
Kim Wolf
Sarah von Lahnstein
Leonard von Lahnstein
Nick Brandner
Nicola von Lahnstein
Philipp zu Hohenfelden †
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