Christoph von Anstetten †
Biographical information
DeathDecember 2000
TitleCount von Anstetten
Spouse(s)Clarissa von Anstetten
(widowed) [1976-1998, 2000]
Barbara von Sterneck
Astrid von Anstetten †
Current residence

Christoph von Anstetten was a Count von Anstetten and the son of August von Anstetten and Victoria von Anstetten. He has a brother, Ben von Anstetten. He was married to Astrid von Anstetten to her death, and had a son with her, Henning von Anstetten. After the death of his first wife, Christoph met Clarissa von Anstetten. They married and were together for a long time. Christoph also adopted Clarissa's child with Arno Brandner, Julia Mendes. Eventually, Christoph divorced Clarissa and married Barbara von Sterneck. The marriage didn't last long and they got divorced. Clarissa used the opportunity to trick Christoph into marrying her again. This, along with other problems, was all too much for Christoph, so he shot himself in front of Clarissa in 2000.

Family treeEdit

August von Anstetten †
Victoria von Anstetten †
Barbara von Sterneck
Ben von Anstetten †
Astrid von Anstetten †
Christoph von Anstetten †
Clarissa von Anstetten
Rajan Rai †
Tanja von Lahnstein
Sebastian von Lahnstein
Henning von Anstetten †
Marie von Anstetten †
Julia Mendes
Ricardo Mendes
Emma von Lahnstein
Aaron von Anstetten
Timo Mendes

Christoph von Anstetten
Jürgen Zartmann
1 (02.01.1995) - 588 (01.07.1997)
675 (11.11.1997) - 1410 (06.12.2000)