The Brandner family is a middle-class family that used to live in and around Düsseldorf. The only Brandner that still lives in Düsseldorf is Arno.

Family treeEdit

The oldest Brandners known are Arno and Achim Brandner, who are brothers, and also their cousins Matthias and Philipp Brandner, though Philipp does not have a family. Their branches of the Brandner family tree are shown below.

Arno BranchEdit

Arno Brandner
Iris Brandner †
Julia Mendes
Ricardo Mendes
Jan Brandner
Florian Brandner
Isabell Brandner
Susanne Brandner
Timo Mendes
Leonie Richter
Carolin Brandner
Lisa Brandner
Paul Brandner

Achim BranchEdit

Achim Brandner
Vera Brandner †
Robin Brandner
Jana von Lahnstein †
Leonard von Lahnstein
Sarah von Lahnstein
Nicola von Lahnstein
Philipp zu Hohenfelden †

Matthias BranchEdit

Nathalie Brandner
Matthias Brandner
Katja Brandner †
David Brandner
Fabian Brandner
Lydia Brandner
Christina Brandner